Workshop Smart City


In this workshop we will explore the future metropole. A large amount of the future world population will live and work in these dense mega-cities. But can we grasp what this means for us as the inhabitants? What do we as people desire and which conditions do we require? Smart Cities require smart inhabitants, can we live up to that? In the workshop the participants will discuss and try to draw a new skyline.

Clearbrains is a group of professionals and consultants who are all member of Mensa (International High IQ Society) and share a passion for clear analysis, out of the box thinking and different solutions to complex problems. They do B2B consulting, organise Thinktanks and special projects.


Hans Bilsen
Hans Bilsen is a architect a innovation manager. He works in international projects where urban development, architecture and infrastructure meet. Together with Hans Smeets he founded Clearbrains in 2014.

Hans Smeets
Hans has broad experience with setting up, growing and managing MVNOs, MVNEs and other telecom companies. He brings a helicopter view that ensures that all disciplines work well together. Hans worked in teams of various sizes and in very different cultures (Europe, Middle East, Asia), and is co-founder of Clearbrains.

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