Our mission: #Socialinnovation


Developing and implementing new strategies, concepts, ideas, and organizations that will solve major, current, and future social challenges.

Why social innovation?

It’s hard to dispute that technology is going to change our world completely. Globalization will increase, and the local populations are becoming more diverse. Technological developments and social-demographic changes provide everyone with a lot of opportunities, but also different kinds of challenges. Besides that, there is an increase in social issues that are not easy to solve. However, we believe that we can solve the problems and ambiguities together, by collapsing and co-operating!

More than just transferring the knowledge
For various current and futuristic social issues, the problems and solutions, are never one-dimensional. That’s why we are organizing different kind of events, conferences, and meetups. Beside that, we also conduct various kind of research and offer various training and innovation programs that contribute to (social) innovation.

In addition to the above, we have also developed a Global Innovation Map. The target of this Global Innovation Map is to create a global network for- and with everyone who is involved in making the world a better place, especially using technology and (social) innovation.

New locations at Global Innovation Map

  • ConnectingFriends
    26-11-2017By Marian Stoppelenburg
  • MijnFort. Groei & Transformatie
    04-11-2017By Paul Bos
  • LerendNederland
    04-11-2017By Onno-Hans Noteboom
  • Trimpact B.V.
    03-11-2017By Niek van Duivenbooden
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Add your location for free at Global Innovation Map? Click on this link.

The reasons why we have started with (social) innovation and technology:

  • 1.

    Social innovation is one of the driving forces behind productivity growth and it is an important aspect for our global prosperity;

  • 2,

    Sharing best practices with each other allows everyone to “absorb” knowledge and new technologies;

  • 3.

    By stimulating online and offline matching of organizations and businesses, there will be new kind of insights about technology & (social) innovation

  • 4.

    By stimulating the transfer of the knowledge, there will come different kind of important insights that are useful for research, policy studies, innovation and social discussions;

  • 5.

    By mapping and determining various developments of (social) innovation and technology, there will be important conclusions and recommendations that can be utilized by business, government, science, and social organizations.


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