We Are Storytellers

It’s hard to dispute that technology is going to change our world completely. Globalization will increase, and the local populations are becoming more diverse. Technological developments and social-demographic changes provide everyone with a lot of opportunities, but also different kinds of challenges. Besides that, there is an increase in social issues that are not easy to solve. However, we believe that we can solve the problems and ambiguities together, by collapsing and co-operating!

More than just transferring the knowledge

For various current and futuristic social issues, the problems and solutions, are never one-dimensional. That’s why we are organizing different kind of events, conferences, and meetups. Beside that, we also conduct various kind of research and offer various training and innovation programs that contribute to (social) innovation.

In addition to the above, we have also developed a Global Innovation Map. The target of this Global Innovation Map is to create a global network for and with everyone who is involved with technology and (social) innovation.

Our topics

The following topics play a central role in our services: applying change management in practice; creating new jobs; new business models; smart city; blockchain technology; cybersecurity; big data & open data; Internet of Things (IoT); virtual & augmented reality; 3D & 4D printing; 21st century skills; nanotechnology and smart materials; online marketing and future of social communication; applying neuroscience for innovation; robotics; artificial intelligence; business model innovation; future of shopping; collective intelligence; autonomous teams; holocratic organizations in practice; promoting peace and security with the help of innovations and technologies; legal consequences of technology; eHealth; future of public transport; creating more diversity inside the organizations; climate and energy policy; promoting sustainability; new management and business models.

Our personal motives

Connectingcentre believes that technology and a new way of thinking and working can make the world much better for everyone. Outside frameworks of thinking, being creative, and making full use of innovation, will create growth everywhere. Not only for companies, but also for all of society.

It is well known that new services on the market, such as Uber, promote prosperity worldwide. While Uber is benefiting from the growth of the number of application users, women in poor countries like Afghanistan and Africa also get benefit from the ability to earn extra by driving a taxi.

Connectingcentre has devoted a lot of thought to how to create a beneficial service for everyone. After several studies and inventories, Connectingcentre has come to one main conclusion: by creating a global network for and with everyone who is involved in technology and (social) innovation, there will be various matches, the knowledge will be transferred worldwide and ultimately global prosperity will be increased.

For the above reason, Connectioncentre has decided to develop a Global Innovation Map, aiming to connect online anyone who is involved in technology and (social) innovation. In addition, Connectingcentre organizes various offline meetings, and develops training and innovation programs that contribute to (social) innovation.

Helping society, and at the same time the customers, is the central starting point of Connectingcentre.

Our vision and mission

Connectingcentre is based in the Netherlands and operates worldwide. It was founded by CEO Marya Yaqin.

As a young, flexible, and ambitious company, Connectingcentre aims to become one of the leading organizations in the Netherlands in the field of technology and (social) innovation within two years. Additionally, Connectingcentre wants to be updated with all technological trends by being constantly innovative and creative inside and outside.

The ultimate goal of Connectingcentre is to create a global network with everyone who is involved with technology and (social) innovation. Our dream is to help as many organizations and businesses as possible, so we can create prosperity and innovation together. Connectingcentre tries to always be forward-thinking and a trend-setter. Our aim is to provide our clients the maximum support in advertising, marketing, and innovations.

Please contact us if you have any questions: info @connectingcentre.com

If you have any questions, please contact us.